WMXR-LP is an independently owned and operated FM radio station serving the Miami-Dade community. The station and its tower were assembled and are currently maintained by seasoned engineer DJ LS. With the creative help of DJ Drastic X, the station was officially branded and launched on-air as Vibe 92.7 in June of 2017, bringing a classic hip-hop and R&B format to the Miami area. Focusing mostly on the mid-1990s to mid-2000s, Vibe 92.7 proudly plays music around the clock with no commercial interruptions and limited interruptions by DJs or public service announcements. The station also features mixes by DJs who specialize in the classic hip-hop genre, and unique block programming with segments such as Miami Monday, West Coast Wednesday, and Classic Mix Weekends. Our mission at Vibe 92.7 is not only to bring back the “golden age” feeling of hip-hop and remind listeners about forgotten musical gems, but also to educate newer generations about the history of a genre that has been enjoyed around the
world since its creation. Classic hip-hop lives on Vibe 92.7!